One-way anywhere anytime camper rentals

Pick up anywhere, drop off anywhere, at anytime
Unique depot-free logistics
One-way rentals as standard service
Unlimited kilometers
Average Vehicle age – under 1 year old

Our offer

We have a fleet of luxury campers fully equipped with everything you need to get you out on the open road immediately. Thanks to our unique “depot-free” logistics, we are able to offer one-way anywhere anytime rentals at very reasonable cost. So you can build the trip you want to take, starting where you like, ending where you like, and going where you like in between.

All inclusive pricing

We wanted to make a transparent all-inclusive rental with everything we could think of to include, from bedding to barbecues to bicycles, dishes and towels, even the insurance, all for one unchanging price. Just ask us for a quote and that price will be your final price after taxes, fees, and everything. There are no hidden fees, ever.

Depot-free logistics

How can we offer an anywhere to anywhere one-way rental at significantly lower cost? The usual rental company model is one depot hoarding all the vehicles in one place and renting them out for round trips. If you want a one-way you must pay a heavy fee for transferring the vehicle to another company in another country and then back to the original depot.
We rather let our vehicles move freely around Europe, geographically optimizing connections between our customers, matching drop offs and pick ups to minimize transport cost. This way we are able to reduce the price of one-way rentals and offer them as a standard service.


– Our prices are subject to three things, the number of days of the rental, the season, and the place of pick up and drop off.
– We always give you a better price for renting for more than 20 days, then more at 27 days and 40 days. Generally the longer the rental the bigger the discount.
– Our shoulder season starts in March and high season is mid-June to early September, then another shoulder season until November.
– Choosing a popular European city for pick up and drop off will also lower the overall price, as there is a bigger chance we will find a connecting customer (see above).
– Our most popular cities currently are Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, Nice.
– You get the best location fee when picking up in the morning and dropping off in the afternoon. The other way round is usually more expensive.

If your plans are flexible and you are interested in a bargain, let us know (when filling our Quote form) and we will find pick up and drop off dates with lower location fees.

Our campers

For the 2017 season we have three types of motorhomes from well known european manufacturer Adria Mobil – Adria Matrix M670SL, Adria Coral and their sub brand Sunliving Lido. All three types are Comfort Family higher standard. Adria-Mobil has been designing and making recreational vehicles since 1965, that’s over fifty years of experience applied to each vehicle. The car base is Fiat Ducato with a high-torque, 130 hp diesel engine. The majority of our campers are 2016 and 2017 models, about 10% of our fleet is 2015 build. Thanks to their lower profile design, these new campers are considerably more comfortable to drive and have lower fuel consumption. More…