Anywhere & anytimeOne-WayModern vehicle fleet Fully equipped campersAll inclusive pricing
  • Anywhere & anytime

    Pick up and drop off can be anywhere in Europe,
    at anytime. Pick up your camper straight at the airport.

  • One-Way

    One-way rental is our standard. Travel across the Europe at no extra fee. Unlimited mileage.

  • Modern vehicle fleet

    Vehicle age on average under 1 year old. High quality modern fleet by Adria and Roller Team.

  • Fully equipped campers

    From teaspoon and wine glass to mountain bikes and camping chairs. You will find all this and more included with your camper.

  • All inclusive pricing

    Our price is all inclusive, making it easy and straightforward for you. No hidden fees. All services and equipment are included.


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We offer customized camper rentals for overseas travelers to Europe

Pick it up anywhere, drop it off anywhere, at anytime.

One-way rentals are not only allowed, they are our speciality.

Unlimited kilometers, of course.

New vehicle fleet, fully equipped with everything you need and more.
Personal service from our friendly staff.

Our story

We are a young company based in Prague, Czech Republic. We have a small fleet of luxury campers fully equipped with everything you might need to get out on the open road in beautiful Europe. Because we are small we are able to offer personal service to all of our clients. With us, you will never be put on hold and transferred to another department, or another branch of a “partner company.”  Thanks to our unique “depot-free” model, we are the only company in Europe to offer one-way, anywhere and anytime rentals. So you can build the trip you want to take. Because we have all fallen victim to rental companies hidden fees we wanted to make an all-inclusive rental with everything we could think of to include from bedding to barbecues to bicycles, an outdoor table and chairs, and of course a gps.

Our campers

For the 2016 season we have campers from two well known European manufacturers – Adria Matrix (and their sub brand Sunliving) and Roller Team Granduca. The car base is Fiat Ducato with a high-torque, 130 hp diesel engine. The majority of our campers are 2016 models and the rest are 2014 and 2015 builds. Thanks to their lower exterior profile, the campers are very comfortable to drive and have significantly lower fuel consumption. More…

About us

We love independent traveling, cycling, nature, and we also love cars, so it is no wonder that we bought ourselves a used camper. One day we let our Australian friends drive it from Barcelona half-way across Europe to Prague. They were so happy to have a fully equipped car to get on the road immediately without spending precious time and money in shops gathering the equipment that it gave us an idea. We gave it a brief thought and decided to bring this same experience to other travelers. That was 4 years ago and we are growing still. This year we doubled our fleet with some very nice campers so everything is fresh and in perfect condition for our customers. Our first camper is already enjoying it’s retirement, but we are still doing our best to help you to experience the best of Europe in a comfortable and independent way.

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